What We Do

Equip our clients with the right tools to raise more for their cause, while spending less on fees and contracts… and have fun together doing it!

The Un-Agency of Agencies - Statement About Us

Mile19 is an experienced marketing partner for non-profit organizations who desire a change from the “agency of record” model. If you find yourself part of the industry-wide movement away from big contracts with big overhead, you’ll be relieved to know we’re the un-agency of agencies. We’re raising questions about what can and can’t be done, birthing a new way of thinking: empower our clients to grow their fundraising program WITHOUT outsourcing the work to an agency. More revenue, less spending. We meet you right where you are, and help you get where you want to go.

What We Do - In House

Take It In-House

The thing big agencies fear the most is the key to your success. Taking your direct mail marketing program in-house is paramount to reducing burdensome agency costs and maximizing revenue from a declining channel.

What We Do - Painless Transition

Painless Transition

Direct mail marketing can feel like a massive undertaking for many non-profits without the time required to map out and execute the course. We make the transition painless by acting as your agency while simultaneously training and equipping your new team to carry on the work.

Run Together

Run Together

When your new in-house program is up and running, we stay by your side offering strategy and oversight where you deem necessary. We are your sideline encourager, and there whenever you need us.

Download our book: “8 Reasons to Insource”

You’ve probably got your own reasons for wanting to get away from that agency contract… here’s our top 8.

Mile19’s Crawl - Walk - Run Process for Insourcing

Mile19’s Crawl - Walk - Run method was developed to equip and empower nonprofit organizations to move their fundraising out of the agency and bring operations in-house. Our process alleviates the pain of learning by trial and error and together, we can reduce program costs by up to 40% in just 24 months.