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Our experience spans across 4 agencies, over 20 years and many clients. We’ve worked with the big and the small, the progressive and the traditional - there isn’t a part of the country or a continent on the Earth that our campaigns haven’t touched. We’re glad to sit down with you and provide a list of clients we have worked with. But as you may know, most NPOs don’t love having their logos or names plastered across agency websites. And even though we are the un-agency of agencies, we thought we’d respect their privacy here. If you want to find out more, email or call us. We’d love to show you our body of work!
This is where we say “the brightest and sharpest minds in the industry” and you roll your eyes because that’s a pat answer. You will in fact work with the best people in the industry: we have the experience you need and we hire and recruit only the best talent as well. But even more than that, both partners are actively engaged on every project with every client. This means we don’t send in a whiz-bang sales team and then pull a “now you see us, now you don’t” maneuver. We’re in it together, every step – from start to finish.
That’s a good question… There are some really good things about big marketing agencies, like their ability to hire strong strategic minds, their capacity to help clients with a variety of media channels simultaneously and with expert care, and their results-driven programs with proven success. We are all of those things. But there are things that big agencies are known for, that aren’t so good, like their inability to be nimble with projects or scope changes, their considerable fees based on their larger overhead, and their persistence in upselling you on things you may or may not need to feed their growing bottom line. We’re none of those things. So when we say we’re the un-agency of agencies, it's our way of saying we’re the best of what you need without the stuff you don’t. Because our mission is to help you and equip you. We aren’t looking for you to hire us now and then proceed to hover over you for the next few decades, reminding you how much you need us. We want to be open-handed with our expertise, train and equip a team for you to carry on the work, and then release you to do what you do best. And we’ll stay running alongside you for as long as you’d like. Our model can save your organization 40% or more on your agency fees in less than two years, while still generating the same quality campaigns and driving the same or better revenue. If that’s not the definition of an un-agency, we don’t know what is.
Come one, come all! OK, maybe not all – but most… If your mission is to help people, or animals, or save the earth, or cure diseases – we want to work with you. If you’re a giant NPO that can be seen from outer space, or a modest group of do-gooders – we want to work with you. Our mission is simple: Equip our clients with the right tools to raise more for their cause, while spending less on fees and contracts… and have fun together doing it. Because at the end of the day, we’re all working toward the same goal: people helping people (or dogs, or the earth, etc. – you get the idea). One thing to note: we don’t work with mean people.
Well you’ve done the first step in reaching an answer – you’ve asked the question. From here we want to get to know you so we can give you a solid answer. As we are sure you are aware, every NPO is different – with different needs, different programs, different budgets and different missions. We can only really answer how much you’ll save by going through a period of discovery. In just a few weeks of digging in and asking questions, we can answer your question with specificity. But for now – we’ve run numbers on orgs of all shapes and sizes, and across the board the savings usually amount to at least 40% of your total agency costs, if not more.
The really sales-y answer is this: when you’re running a marathon, it's around mile 19 where brutal fatigue can set in. You know how far you’ve come, and you want so badly to finish well – but the struggle is real. Then your trainer, your encourager, the people cheering you on and helping you get those last few miles comes up next to you and helps you finish – helps you get where you’re going. So in a way, you’re the runner, your direct mail program is the race, and we’re the trainer, the encourager, the one who helps you get your program from where it was to where its going. Your partner in the race. The non sales-y answer is this: Mile marker 19 on I-96 is the exact halfway point between partners Karen and Tracy’s houses. It is the exit where they met at Starbucks for the first time, and where a lifelong friendship and business team was born. Mile19 is the starting place for great things to happen.
Then we’ll help you in other areas as well. And if for some reason we can’t, we’ll partner together with our trusted friends and colleagues who have the expertise you need, and collaborate together to get you where you need to go. Queue the music “You’ve got a friend in me.“

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